Greek Natural Olive Juice
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Why Choose Golden Pithari?

A quick stroll in the nearest market and you are presented with many different brands and prices of Extra Virgin Olive Oils each claiming to be the best. But which one do you choose?


It's about Trust

The answer is simple and its not about the brand or the price. Its about the trust. Trust that it is what it says on the tin and that you will be enjoying a great product that we all know is fantastic for our health benefit.


The problem is that the more hands an oil exchanges till it gets bottled, the more chances exist that it gets mixed with other oils and its quality gets degraded as is the case with the majority of the olive oils on the market.




The answer

We already know that Golden Pithari is the best oil there is and we have come to address the above issue by creating a special process to guarantee that every single bottle of our Natural Olive Juice arrives to you the end client at the highest standards.


Being the producers we are able to control every step from production to bottling and delivery and we are so sure of our end product that we are in the position to offer you our unique 5 Star Guarantee. No merchant can possibly give out such a guarantee!


If you would like to place a purchase order please Get In Touch now. We would love you to try our very best Natural Olive Juice and hear back from you with your comments.