Greek Natural Olive Juice
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What is Natural Olive Juice?

It is an alternative way of calling a superior quality olive oil since the olive is actually a fruit. The fruit which is collected from the olive tree is squashed to produce the juice. This juice is then packaged fresh without going through any other process to alter its composition. This produce is called Natural Olive Juice.


Why Not Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

The term Extra Virgin Olive Oil should make every sensible person at least a little sceptical. It is a general knowledge that something can either be virgin or not! How can something be Extra Virgin then and what does this term actually mean?

It means that it is a top grade olive oil below 0.8% acidity with a distinct smell and taste. In reality though oils near the 1% acidity have a very strong unpleasant smell which according to our standards are not good to eat.


Golden Pithari is a superior type of Olive Oil well within the legal requirements to be called Extra Virgin Olive Oil with acidity levels around 0.2%!


Olive Oil is one of the most precious produce of mother earth and as such people have always tried to take advantage of it. There are cases of olive oil adulteration going back to Roman times and unfortunately it is common practice in modern times too.


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