Greek Natural Olive Juice
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We are a small family business from South of Greece in the area of Messinia in the Peloponnese.


We are involved actively in the cultivation of Olive Trees for decades in particular for the production of olive oil.


Our passion is producing the best olive oil possible and even though olive trees are only harvested once a year, we love to nurture our trees all year round.


Admittedly, our success apart from a lot of hard work on our part is very much contributed to the sunny weather, the superb quality of the land of our region and the variety of our olive trees - 'koroneiki' which is the most awarded variety on earth.





Our aim is not only to produce the best olive oil possible but to put together such a system so to guarantee that our precious produce reaches your kitchen in the best possible form just like when its squashed out the olives. We want you to enjoy every single drop of our Natural Olive Juice just like we do.


On our part we do our best to have the best produce possible with minimal impact in the environment. For this reason we have joined in the recent years the Complete Management initiative conforming to strict European Standards.


Should you wish to know more about us, our products and our aims, please do not hesitate to Get In Touch. We would love to hear from you.