Greek Natural Olive Juice
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Welcome To Golden Pithari

The Brand that redefines Olive Oil.


Golden Pithari mainly provides Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Gourmet Quality * - known as Natural Olive Juice to the UK, Europe and around the World to connoisseurs and selected culinary professionals.





Golden Pithari operates a relatively small olive farm but the demand for our Natural Olive Extract is great. We therefore have a First Come First Serve policy giving priority to clients who pre-order a quantity for the whole year. This way we can guarantee a year-long availability of our products.


For queries and to place your order now please use the Contact Form found on the Get In Touch & Find Out More page.


Tastings are now available on request.


  • Golden Pithari is considered the best, least processed olive oil, comprising only the purest extract from the first cold extraction of our carefully grown olives.